Illume Learning

All The Tools You Need to Build Great College Courses

Why We Created Illume

Research reveals instructors spend dozens (even hundreds) of hours designing new courses. Moreover, they report they are often unhappy with the results: resorting solely to textbooks although they know good supplementary materials greatly stimulate students and enhance learning.

Illume was created to give instructors a choice in learning materials selection by bringing together materials from all sources. The result is that Illume allows instructors to quickly and easily create great courses.

How Illume Allows You to Create Better Courses – and Save Time in the Process

Illume is the only Internet site that offers a complete array of all the materials you need to build great courses – from millions of syllabi and lecture presentations to 25 million text, trade and scholar books; from tens of thousands of case studies to millions of articles, simulations, problem sets, and videos. Plus, Illumes provides specially created fillers and other handy tools so you can quickly find exactly what you want.

What Else Should I Know about Illume?

It’s absolutely free!

Instructor Testimonials

I've actually never even imagined or dreamed of having such a capability.

Professor Robert Owen, Texas A&M University - Texarkana

An easy to use, one-stop-shop for new and experienced faculty interested in building courses with a plethora of material--some of which is even free. I would recommend it to my colleagues.

Professor Tulay Girard, Pennsylvania State University-Altoona

I think it's a great concept. Really a terrific service. A great tool giving instructors more resources with easy streamlined access and huge time savings

Professor Yanli Zhang, Montclair State University

Illume offers a wide variety of features and benefits

  • Illume is absolutely free
  • Illume is the fastest and easiest way to find and evaluate learning materials of all types, including:
    • 25 million text, trade and scholarly books
    • Tens of thousands of case studies
    • Articles from 12,645 academic journals
    • Millions of articles from 65 leading newspapers and 140 magazine articles
    • Tens of thousands of tutorials from Khan Academy, simulations, problem sets, videos and course notes
  • And virtually anything else you could ever want to assign to your students
  • Illume is the quickest way to view hundreds of thousands of:
    • Syllabi
    • Reading Lists
    • Slide presentations from your peers around the world
  • Illume allows you to easily save your materials for future review
  • Most importantly, Illume allows you to create the best courses possible